Take Action


Are you stuck in a company environment where the people around you are locked into an old fashioned Belief System (BS) about:

  • how people should bring themselves to work (i.e. only the professional part)?
  • how they should relate to one another (e.g. Boss-Employee)?
  • how decisions are be made?
  • how tasks should allocated?
  • who gets what rewards and recognition?
  • what is ‘development’ and who should be privileged enough to get it?
  • how much information is shared?
  • the list is never ending…

What happens when someone has the courage to start an open dialogue by expressing what is very real about all this?  Can perceptions, beliefs, even realities be shifted?

Is it possible to build a grass roots movement to change a large established company from any position (yes that includes managers and senior leaders as well as everyone else)?  This is the very nature of Responsible Employee Activism: to take responsibility for yourself, the future of your organisations, and wider societal impact by bringing back the humanity and opening the door to new ways of being together.  That means real collaboration, innovation and an environment of psychological safety to grow as individuals and collectively.

This is not something that you need permission to do: you have the right as a human being to challenge the status quo.

How can you collaboratively and iteratively invite others to build a more human, organic workplace?

What could be the impact on the world if companies were the real engine for change in society and the world?

And what about responsibility?  This is NOT about creating pointless revolution: this is about inviting for change and standing up to make things happen.  This is about learning how to relate to other human beings and an adult way, and so collectively learning how to take responsibility for ourselves and each other.  This is about learning how to let go of all those old behaviours and underlying beliefs that keep society locked into an unsustainable system of brutality.  But brutality is not the answer: empathy and deep human connection is the foundation of #iamhumanityatwork and #ResponsibleEmployeeActivism.

Are you ready to start the movement? 

Here’s one way to start…

  1. watch our videos: does this inspire you?  Share them to provoke discussion.
  2. Download ready made posters or leaflets
  3. Display signs at your workplace
  4. Launch the discussion about humanity at work around the signs, or in discussion groups.  If you need inspiration, look here.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help on our Facebook group.
  5. Share your experience with the hashtag #iamhumanityatwork on any form of social media (we have a Facebook group)

But WHY should you take action?  have a look out our roots (about us) & inspiration pages.

Let’s bring back the humanity to our workplaces.  It starts with you.

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